Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

2018 Symposium in Adelaide

2018 ALPAA Symposium Scaffolding Academic Language

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 ALPAA symposium will be held in Adelaide, South Australia on Saturday 29th September, at Cowandilla Primary School. The topic is 'Scaffolding Academic Language', presented by Helen Harper and Bronwyn Parkin, following their recent research on this topic and the publication by PETAA of their teacher resource book Teaching with Intent. The research has resulted in a revised scaffolding teaching sequence which is intended to complement the scaffolded teaching sequence used by AL practitioners to teach literacy through literature. 

Helen and Bronwyn are pleased to be working in the symposium with AL practitioners, whose understanding of language and pedagogy will be in advance of some other teacher groups. They are looking forward to responses and feedback.

The symposium is open to, and at no cost to ALPAA members, but registration is essential. Here are details and registration form.