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July text notes

July's text notes are Primary level (interest level Years 4-6), for the book Out of the Spinifex. It is the first of the trilogy Bilby's Ring, written by artist and writer Kaye Kessing from Alice Springs. 

The Bilby’s Ring trilogy tells over three volumes the story of Bilby, who has just lost his mother to a fox in the vast red deserts of Western Australia. Chuditch the Quoll, her species long since gone from those regions, persuades a very reluctant Bilby to set off on a fact-finding mission: seeking a place safe from introduced animals. Urged on by two old firekeepers, then a blind Golden Mole, they travel much further than intended, joined by Mala the Hare Wallaby, Numbat and Sticky the Sticknest Rat, all similarly endangered.

As the five meet other creatures in trouble, their aim to seek a place of safety turns into a quest on behalf of many: to seek help from the humans in The Biggest City by The Endless Sea. There, after crossing seven major habitats and many near-disasters, the place where they must seek the ultimate help, holds its own hideous danger, in The Bowels of the Biggest City!

In this first volume, Out of the Spinifex, Bilby the Pink-eared Bandicoot, after losing his mother to a fox attack, heads off with Chuditch the Spotted Quoll, hoping to find a safe place to live. On the way they meet Mala, the Roufus Hare Wallaby, and the three unlikely allies travel from the Great Sandy Desert south-east of Broome to Uluru to find the wise Golden Mole who will tell them what they have to do to save their species.
As they travel through the outback, the three friends encounter many foes, as well as many friends who help them on their journey.

Links to the Australian Curriculum Science and Geography are plentiful. A great introduction to the inland of Australia and its inhabitants.

The trilogy is available from for $45 plus postage.