Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

Life memberships given to AL leaders

At the recent ALPAA symposium in Sydney, September 29th, Chairperson Bernadette Thorne presented life memberships of ALPAA to Wendy Cowey and Dr Brian Gray, in recognition of their extensive and lengthy contribution to the education of marginalised students, particularly through the Accelerated Literacy Program. 

Wendy Cowey was co-developer with Brian Gray of the Accelerated Literacy methodology currently being taught in schools in several states of Australia.   From 2004 – 2009 she managed the development of teaching resources for the program, including practitioner handbooks and teaching notes, as well as all professional development packages produced for the National Accelerated Literacy Program (NALP) from Charles Darwin University. She is a member of the ALPAA management committee, and has led the ongoing development of text notes for ALPAA members, as well as being keynote speaker at our national ALPAA conference in 2015.

  Wendy Cowey, NALP developer

Brian Gray trained first as a psychologist but completed teaching qualifications and moved into the area of literacy education.  He completed his PhD on Indigenous Literacy and worked for 20 years as Associate Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Canberra and Charles Darwin University. It was during this time that he codeveloped scaffolded literacy pedagogy through the National Accelerated Literacy Program. In 2015 Brian presented at our ALPAA symposium in Adelaide, and in 2016, led two of our Brainwaves discussion series for ALPAA. His papers and the discussion thread are available for ALPAA members on the ALPAA website.

BrianDr Brian Gray received his award in absentia. It was later presented by ALPAA committee member Bronwyn Parkin.