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Our students

Emily Ferry is a Year 6 student at Christies Beach Primary School in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. The school has been using Accelerated Literacy pedagogy for several years.

In English, Emily’s class has been studying ‘In Flanders Field’ by Norman Jorgensen. Her teacher shared a poem reflecting on the same event, and then Emily wrote her own poem. She shares her poem with us here:

In Flanders Field

Gunshots rang out, day and night,
There seemed to be no end to this fight.
Friends fell, and enemies alike;
While the rest in front of the fire alight,
Shivered in the cold, young, weak and old.
Some cried for mercy, others in joy,
As men huddled round to figure a ploy.
It is guns that they wield, out in Flanders Fields,
Woe the few, who never knew.
Poppies now bloom, so red and so true.
In a way they remind us, of life anew.
Lest we forget those, we remember not in sorrow.

We cheer for those, who bring us another tomorrow.

As the sun sets, to signal night.
Most now live, in no fear and no fright.

By Emily
Year 5, Room 15 at Christies Beach PS, 2013