Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

September update

August text notes, written by Wendy Cowey, are for 'Driver, the puppy who went to war' by A Hill. It is  a heart-warming historical recount, and will fit with the Australian Curriculum History, years 4-6. They can be downloaded from the ALPAA website. (There seems to be an animal theme emerging this year with our text notes: Fox, Red Dog, Driver, Bilby's Ring...)
Springboards: New on the ALPAA website are our Springboard Resources. This first edition is a series of year-levelled text resources collected from AL teachers. They are not intended to be polished text notes, but might, for example, suggest possible passages for High Order Literate Orientation, or provide a text analysis, or comprehension questions. Springboards, as the title suggests, are a launching point for your own topic planning around a text, and just might save you some time. Click on Resources on the top menu and you'll see Springboards there. Links are provided to our Dropbox folder. Many thanks to Melita Godson from South Australia, who has collected and sorted all this work.
Scaffolding for Success: ALPAA National Conference
Our first national conference is only 4 weeks away. We are looking forward to seeing many of you there. If you have not yet registered, there is still time. Just go to 'Events' on the front page of the ALPAA website, and follow instructions. 
Annual General Meeting
Our AGM will be held at 3:45pm on Thursday 1st October, at the end of the conference day. All are welcome. The agenda will be emailed to you soon. The big item is election of our management committee. If you are unable to attend but are willing to help us by voting, please fill out the Proxy form that will accompany the agenda, and send by return email: