Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

Welcome to 2015

Dear ALPAA members,
Welcome to 2015.  A special welcome to members who have joined this year. Here is the news so far.
Text notes
The text notes for February are Red Dog by Louis Berniere. They are suitable for Middle Years’ students. Text notes for March will be up soon.
Introduction to Accelerated Literacy
Intro to AL has been offered in 2015 across Australia: in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and South Australia; mainstream, urban and remote Aboriginal schools. There is still a strong interest in this training.
Professional development workshops
Face to face professional development workshops are being offered in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales this year. The PD calendar can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here. If your school would like to organise additional local workshops, a list of service providers with a NALP Deed of Licence can be found on the ALPAA website in the Professional Development section. You can contact any service provider directly to negotiate workshops.
ALPAA National conference
Information about our first national conference was sent to all members at the end of last year. All information can be found here on the website by clicking here. The flier and Call for Papers are hotlinked in that page. Don’t forget that we need your input for presentations at the conference. Please consider presenting. If you’re not sure what you have to say, have a look at the Call for Papers. It includes some suggestions for your consideration. Call for papers has been extended until the end of April.
Springboards to success
We are pleased to announce an addition to the website this year. Springboards to Success will include a selection of scaffolding resources developed around the country; for example, text analyses, genres other than narrative, spelling resources and observation checklists that have been written by AL practitioners. These resources are not intended to be polished pieces, but may mean that you don’t have to start from scratch in planning lessons around your next text. It is a shame to have them sitting on teachers’ laptops when they could be shared.
If you have resources that you would be willing to share, please email them to Melita Godson for her consideration. We will let you know when the Springboards section has content inside it.
Access to the website
For teachers whose membership is through a school, your 2015 access will depend on whether your school has renewed their membership for 2015, an whether the school contact teacher has sent ALPAA their teacher membership list for the year. Please check this first at your own school site. if there are still difficulties, email ALPAA.
I hope the year has begun well. We look forward to seeing you at PD and the national conference.  Best wishes, Bronwyn Parkin (chairperson)