Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

Wendy Cowey on differentiation

South Australian AL teachers who attended Wendy Cowey's workshops on differentiation in the AL teaching sequence would like to thank her for two stimulating and challenging sessions. Some of the readings to which she referred have been downloaded using the ALPAA Education Licence. Jill Bourne's article on vertical discourse helps to unpack Bernstein's work on pedagogy. If you are game, an interview by Solomon with Bernstein is a slightly easier way to access his work. Finally, for those who attended Bronwyn Parkin's session on 'Powering Up, Powering Down in science', Jim Martin's introduction to the idea of semantic waves is also included. These articles can by found under the professional development heading on the front page. They have been added to the top of the list. (Sorry they can't be hotlinked here, but this blog is public, and they have to be password protected.)