Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

A word from Wendy Cowey



Greetings Accelerated Literacy Practitioners of Australia!


Today is a very exciting one for me both personally and professionally, as the Manager, Resources and Professional Development, National Accelerated Literacy Program when it operated from Charles Darwin University. 


Personally, I have enjoyed working on the development of the teaching method at a fundamental level as it is the height of achievement as a teacher, to teach a student to read who had years of failure behind him and see the difference it made to the lives of his whole family. I had this privilege many times over working with colleagues and families at the Schools and Community Centre at the University of Canberra.


Professionally, as an academic and one of the developers of the Accelerated Literacy Program, I am excited because the emergence of this association demonstrates the commitment and determination of teachers to improve the literacy development of their students.  All the professional development and teaching materials in the world wouldn’t make a difference if teachers weren’t committed to this end.  I have been extremely fortunate to work with the best and most committed of teachers since we started implementing this program in schools.  Without these people the program would have amounted to nothing. Because of them, many of the students they have taught have a brighter future.


Let’s enjoy today then and celebrate teaching as a life changing profession!  Through the Association, we have a chance to keep in touch, share, learn and enjoy our achievements.