Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

Other AL resources

Here are some examples of ALPAA text notes.
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Practitioner Guides

You can find out more about the Accelerated Literacy teaching sequence by downloading the Practioner Guide here.

NALP text notes and resources

You can find further materials about Accelerated Literacy by going to the National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) via Scootle. This website is available to all Australian education systems and some universities and TAFEs. Scootle requires a login. Please note that every jurisdiction has different processes for accessing Scootle. You should contact your own department to find how to go about it. Once you have logged in, search for 'Accelerated Literacy' and the resources will appear. ALPAA members who are not associated with any institution, or if you get stuck, please email ALPAA. We may be able to help.

Templates for text analysis

This template has been designed with reference to the Australian curriculum.

SA Accelerated Literacy Program Fact Sheets

SAALP developed a number of fact sheets that provide information to current and prospective AL practitioners. It includes an 'Effective AL Schools' rubric, which helps schools to self-evaluate their AL implementation. Other fact sheets are AL in a balanced literacy program; Phases of support; Role of the consultant, teacher and contact person within SAALP;Professional Development Pathways;Why Use AL Pedagogy?; and Maintaining Momentum

ALPAA members are welcome to use or take bits from these fact sheets with acknowledgement. 

Spelling resources

SAALP has developed a double-sided spelling record. Each student in the class keeps one of these, and the teacher is able to keep track of the spelling patterns, whether phonetic, visual or morphemic, which the student controls. 

To use the record, print it back to back, enlarged to A3.

Resources for non-fiction texts

ALPAA prioritises text notes for narratives as their core business because they are so useful in developing students' reading skills, teachers have to also be able to explicitly teach other genres. The website Educational semiotics contains useful resources for the teaching of procedures, explanations and information reports developed by the Disadvantaged Schools Project in New South Wales.