Accelerated Literacy Practitioners' Association Australia

Using the teaching notes

Here are some examples of ALPAA text notes.
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Teaching notes might feel like a kind of lifeboat when you are starting out to teach with an unfamiliar teaching sequence.  

These notes, however, are not intended to fill that lifeboat role.  Rather, they provide some suggestions for the directions you could take. You will not be adrift at sea, and you will still be in charge of how you teach.

You know your class and the curriculum for the year level you are teaching.  You know what the students in you class know and what common knowledge they share.

With this knowledge you can use these notes as a resource for planning lessons.  The text analysis is the powerhouse of the lesson planning.  The suggestions in the notes are just a start, and certainly do not cover everything that could be said about a piece of writing.  The lesson goals are also suggestions that you can use to help you get started with planning your teaching sequence.

The notes are intended to assist you and not prescribe your lessons.