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Cowey, W & Graetz, M 'The Lost Button' Text Notes, ALPAA

Teaching notes for The Lost Button by Arnold Lobel (1992: Harper Trophy US Edition)

Term: Early Childhood

Cowey, W 'The Accelerated Literacy Teaching Sequence - practitioner guide', NALP.

To find out more about the Accelerated Literacy teaching sequence, download this document.

Term: Implementation Resources

Cowey, W, 'Hatchet' Text Notes, ALPAA.

Teaching notes for Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (1987: Macmillan Children's Books)

Term: Secondary

Cowey, W. 'The Magic Finger' Text Notes, ALPAA.

Teaching notes for 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl (1966: Puffin Books)

Term: Primary
The Magic Finger text notes ALPAA.pdf

Gray, B 1998 'Deficit and Difference - Appendix 1: Accessing the Discourses of Schooling', Unpublished Paper.

Deficit and difference perspectives Aboriginal education. Challenge learning styles notion. References Bruner, Vygiotsky, ZPD activity theory.Thesis Appendix 1: includes review of Labov's work

Term: Academic Publications
Gray -Deficit and Difference.pdf

SAALP Effective Schools Rubric

SAALP Fact sheet to support evaluation of school implementation processes. 

Term: Implementation Resources

Scaffolding Academic language: PETAA Research Grant report (7MB)

In 2016, PETAA members Dr Helen Harper and Dr Bronwyn Parkin won a research grant from the Primary English Teaching Association of Australia to further investigate the scaffolding of academic language with educationally marginalised students. Their research sites were Maningrida Community College...

Term: Reports